While we have just entered the golden era of the internet, a lot of people still put off the idea of creating their own website.

Sometimes, it’s because they just don’t know enough about the internet, or how to go about having a website made for them. The main reason, however, is that people just do not understand the benefits that having their own website awards them with.

So let’s break it down. How does a website improve business?


People will always want to take the convenient path no matter the goal. Whether this is shopping, research or other. This is a monumental advantage a website gives you. It opens an additional, high convenience method that people or clients will use to approach you. They can take the information in at their own pace, and thoroughly think about what content you are giving them.

Same market – more people

There’s no simpler way to say it – you’re missing out without a website. Too many people are using the internet for their day to day business, purchases and social interaction to ignore it any longer. Imagine – you have a local shop but no option to expand or open a new store. Having a website is perfect to expand and reach new customers and costs a fraction of what a new shop would. Your business will also reach a lot more people.


The internet is so widely used now that it’s almost an expectation to have a website. If you mention your business to someone, they will most likely Google it when they get home. They want to see what you’re capable of – and what you can provide them, while in the comfort of their own home.


People want information – and often times a lot of it. Being on the phone or journeying to you to get this however is often time consuming and troublesome.

Websites are able to give the user all the information on your business, cause, or other content instantly. Would you prefer to read the information when you want it, at your own pace; or would you prefer waiting 15 minutes on hold to get this information? The latter sounds, well, inconvenient. Inconvenience is the enemy of innovation.


You’re quite possibly missing out on a huge audience of people. While it can be a tad daunting, there really isn’t a downside to having a website for your business, no matter how simple it can be.

So, where do I start?

Decided on a website? Follow these 4 simple steps to begin setting up online.

1Check out your competitors.

Google your competitors or those of similar interest to you and find out what they are doing right! There’s a reason you found them after all. Don’t copy them, but do take note of what they do well. You can always reference these websites to your web development firm as a starting place of what you want your website to look like.

2Find a web development firm.

Well, you’ve found us already. But Google is your friend here – search about for a company that is right for you. “Local Web Development Company” is a great place to start.

3Communicate your ideas

Tell them what you want – give them the examples you like and tell them what the aim of your website is about. They’ll walk you through, step by step, and give you additional ideas and a professional point of view on it.

4Let them do the work

They will come up with design ideas, and on your approval, begin to build the site. All the technical bits are behind the scenes so you’re left with your ideal website and now able to tap into the biggest growing market ever. It’s that simple.